The Strongest Natural Antibiotic Ever Made

The turmeric is one very popular spice that despite in cooking,  is also one traditional medicine. The traditional medicine is using the turmeric for treating liver disease, skin problems, joint pains, respiratory problems, and many other things.

The curcumin, which represents an ingredient in the turmeric, is found to be very beneficial and helpful for many health conditions.

Read some of the benefits from the curcumin:

  • It is modulating around 700 of our genes.
  • It is modulating positively over 160 physiological pathways.
  • It is making the membranes of the cells more orderly.
  • It is interacting with the Inflammatory molecules
  • Cell survival proteins
  • Histone
  • Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV1) integrase and protease
  • DNA and RNA (1)
  • Various carrier proteins and metal ions

That is why, as many researches show, the curcumin is beneficial for treating neurological, lung and liver, autoimmune, metabolic, cardiovascular and inflammatory issues.

Among the other benefits of the turmeric is that it includes anticancer properties. The curcumin is beneficial for every type of cancer because of the vitamin D, says Dr. William LaValley—one of the leading natural medicine cancer physicians.

However, the reason why it is effective to many molecule targets through different paths is because when it enters in a cell it is causing bigger activity of that particular molecule target, or another way around, it is causing lower activity.

Furthermore, this ingredient is not toxic and dangerous, which means that the healthy cells are not affected. It targets only the cancer cells which are very beneficial in the treatment.

Below we decided to share with you one recipe that includes Turmeric and Honey:

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Things necessary:

  • 100 grams of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder


All you have to do is mix the things together and store them in a glass jar.


If you are having the symptoms of a flu or cold, then this is what you should do:

Day 1- consume half a spoon of the mix on every hour.

Day2 – take half a spoon of the mix on every 2 hours.

Day 3 – take half a spoon of the mix 3 times during the day.

Note: It is recommended not to swallow it right away, but rather to keep in a little in the mouth in order to melt a little. You can also use some milk or tea for better consummation.


Here's how to make the strongest natural antibiotic ever made.

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