Latest Studies Show That This Exotic Fruit Kills Cancer Cells

We are all familiar that some natural products can be very beneficial for our health and have a positive effect on our organism like for example the berries, nuts and fresh juices.

One of the latest researches on this subject shows that the Bitter Melon is helpful for fighting against cancer and diabetes. This fruit is common in Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia and it really includes some benefits.

According to the studies in a lab over mice, it can kill the cancer cells from pancreatic cancer.

How it is functioning?

The fruit is inhibiting proliferation, starting cell apoptosis and activating AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). This means that it is working in vivo and in vitro.

The pancreatic cancer

This is really a hard thing because of the lack of signs for it, making it difficult for curing because usually, it is too late.

Diabetes, Pancreatic Cancer, and Bitter Melon

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Cancer on its own is terrifying, however, if it is combined with diabetes too, the situation gets ugly very quickly and ruthlessly. With pancreatic cancer, tumors include insulin receptors which are moving the insulin to the cancer cells, which helps them to grow and divide.

The bitter melon is regulating the production of insulin which means that it limits the amount that gets to the cancer cells.

There was one study at the University of Colorado made from Dr. Rajesh Agarwal that investigated the effects of the bitter melon. There were mice injected with cancer cells that were divided into 2 groups, test subjects, and a control group.

They gave bitter melon to the test subject, and the other group had only water. The results showed that the effect was positive and there was a 60 percent improvement in the test subject group.

Only diabetes

If the bitter melon is helpful for pancreatic cancer because it regulates the insulin, then it should be even better regarding diabetes alone.

According to the researches, they are not that helpful as the drug Metformin, however, they are lowering the level of fructosamine in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The results are hopeful; however, this means that new researches are coming in order to discover more about the effect from this fruit.

However, it is better for us to have some natural treatment that can have some positive effects on these awful health diseases and find an alternative for curing cancer and fighting diabetes.


Latest studies confirmed that this exotic fruit kills cancer cells and treat diabetes.

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