Colon Cancer Can Be Avoided By Doing These 9 Things

The second reason for cancer death in the USA is colorectal cancer or that is the colon and rectum cancer. It represents the 3rd most common cancer in the USA affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

However, according to researches, this cancer can be often prevented because only 5-10 percents are genetic, and the rest is all due to the lifestyle we have.

They state that 25 percents of the deaths are due to unhealthy diet, while other 30 percent are due to tobacco, 20 percent due to infections and the other due to the environment such as pollution, radiation, stress, and physical inactivity.

That is why it is important to improve these things and try to improve your diet, thus reducing the risk for this cancer for 50 percent.

Bellow, you can read some advice that can help you achieve that:

1.Consume more fruits and vegetables

The vegetables include antioxidants and also magnesium which is beneficial for lowering the insulin resistance. According to the studies, 100mg intake of magnesium is lowering the danger for a colorectal tumor for 13 percent, while for colorectal cancer for 12 percent.

Additionally, they also include fiber which is beneficial for this case.

2.Vitamin D

The lack of Vitamin D can be the main reason for this cancer. This vitamin is improving the immune system and preventing the cancerous tumors to grow.

3.Try to avoid processed meat

By processed meat, we mean ham, salami, bacon, sausages, hot dogs and other things like these. They are dangerous for increasing the risk of cancer because they include nitrates as a preservative, coloring, and flavoring.

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4.Consume more garlic

According to the studies the garlic is destroying the cancer cells so it is beneficial for reducing the risk for stomach and colorectal cancer. It has many benefits and it improves our immune system as well.

5.Consume more fiber

By consuming 10gr of fiber you are lowering the risk for cancer for 10 percent.

6.Consume red meat

According to the studies it was said that people that consume more red meat have 24 percent bigger risk for cancer. This is true; however it is not the meat, but the way of cooking it that is actually harmful.

That is why it is best to consume only organically raised grass-fed meats and prepare the meat lightly.

7.Alcohol and tobacco

It is suggested to limit the consummation of alcohol and tobacco because they are increasing the risk for this cancer.

8.Have a healthy weight

According to the researches, obesity is another reason for this cancer. So, by an increase of 11 pounds in your body weight you are increasing the risk for 10 kinds of cancer.

The belly fat, in this case, is the most dangerous, so even the smallest loss can be significant.


According to one study by being physically active you lower the risk for colon cancer for 30-40 percent.

By exercising you are controlling the level of insulin which affects the risk of cancer. You will have better circulation and also the better immune system.


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