Healthy Flours That Won’t Cause Blood Sugar Spikes Or Cancer

If you are following the Paleo regime then you are probably using coconut and almond flour, however, there are also a few others that you can use in order to have a variety in your diet.

Almond flour

This flour consists of ground blanched almonds. You can use it when you like to make some muffins, cakes, waffles and anything you have to bake.

If you are following the Paleo then you should know more about the sourcing of the food, like for example that it needs 1.1 gallons of water to make 1 almond and usually the almonds come from California where there is drought now.

The almonds include low carbs and high protein in comparison to the coconut flour, however, be careful with the intake because it has omega-6 PUFAs.

Coconut Flour

This flour in comparison to the coconut is more absorbent and it has more fiber (10 grams versus 3 grams from a ¼ cup).

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Usually, the recipes that include this flour include very little from the flour and a lot of moisture, usually eggs. It includes inulin fiber so it absorbs the liquid.  You can use it in the same way as the almond flour, for making muffins, cakes, brownies, pizza crust, and other things.

Cassava Flour

This is a root vegetable that is familiar for Asia, Africa, and Latin America. However, if you don’t know this you can use tapioca flour that comes from the cassava plant that is used for making tapioca pudding. The tapioca represents the extracted starch of the cassava root while the cassava flour is the whole root.

This flour is usually used in the same amount as the wheat flour and it is known to have smooth and neutral flavoring. You can use it for baking or the root also can be boiled and mashed like the potatoes.

Chestnut Flour

You can replace the almond flour with this one, however, its taste is little strong. The chestnuts can be eaten roasted, baked, boiled or raw.

For those wondering about the phytic acid, it is low. They include 47mg/100g of phytic acid while there is 1,280mg/100g in almonds and 760mg/100g in walnuts.

Regarding the carbs, there are 53 grams in 100 grams of chestnuts. The flour also has vitamins and minerals, for example in 100grams there is 59% manganese, 17% potassium, 25% copper, 43% vitamin C and 25% B6.


Healthy flours that won't cause blood sugar spikes or cancer.

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