Use This Natural Remedy Once Every 5 Years And Forget About Diseases

This natural remedy is considered to be 5000 years old and it was found by one monk at the Tibetan monastery in 1972. Its usage has been known since long time ago regarding various issues. However because it is very strong, it is not recommended to use it often, the dosage is once in 5 years.

This recipe is good for our health in general. On the basis of its ingredients, you can find the garlic which is one very healthy vegetable. This remedy is all natural and will boost our health in many ways.

It includes strong antibacterial properties, which makes it really efficient for treating many viruses, parasites, and fungi.

Despite this, there are many other benefits from using this remedy such as treating atherosclerosis, sinusitis, gastritis, lung issues, high blood pressure, lowering of weight, as well as treating issues connected to hearing or to our vision.

The things that you will need in order to prepare this recipe are 350g garlic and 200ml 95% alcohol or rum. You are allowed to use alcohol as well, however, check first, it should not include methanol or benzalkonium- chloride.

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First of all, you need to wash the garlic well, then peel it and mash it. Then after this, put alcohol in it and then put this mix in a glass bottle. You should leave the bottle like that for a period of around 1- day. After that, you can strain it. You should put the strained liquid in a glass bottle again and then keep it in a refrigerator for 2 more days.

The dosage that is recommended for consumption is just several drops of the mixture for a period of 12 days without a break. You should put them in a glass of water and drink it before you have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You should start with having only 1 drop before breakfast, 2 before your lunch and 3 before your dinner the first day. Then increase the dosage little by little.


You may try this natural remedy to keep a good health. #naturalremedy #health

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