After 75 Years Together, They Ended Their Lives In Each Other’s Arms

A lot of people are saying that there is no true love. However, usually, they are saying this because they had a bad relationship that hurt them a lot. So, if you are one of those, maybe this story will make you believe again that true love does exist!

Alexander and Jeanette were best friends when they had only 8 years and even from then they knew that they are going to be together.

They got married in 1940 and promised to respect each other and be together in good and bad until death. They had been together for 75 years.

But then something happened. Alexander broke his hip and had to stay in bed all the time. After several days from this event, the health of Jeanette started to get worse. So now, they were both ill so the hospital decided to give them one room so they could share the bed and stay together.

However, Alexander passed away. Then she told him: I will come soon, wait for me there. And that really happened. After only several hours from his death, Jeanette passed away also. She followed him as she told him.

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The nurses were really touched when they saw them lying together in bed and having their arms wrapped. They proved us that forever love really exists.

So, share this story, so that everyone could know this amazing story of Alexander and Jeanette!


After 75 years together they ended their lives in each other's arms.

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