Warning Signs Of A Heart Disease In Early 30’s

The heart diseases are getting really common nowadays, no matter the age. Once, they were considered to be old age diseases, but now that is unpredictable.

One person may seem really healthy and fit however suffer from a heart disease, and the reasons for that can be many.

The age of 30 is really important because you are settling down and starting to make your own family. With this, your responsibilities grow bigger as well.

So, there are some warning signs at this age that will help you prevent a bigger issue later in your life. All you have to do is pay attention to yourself, your body is speaking to you.

Tiredness: You may feel tired all the time, although you have a good sleep. You won’t be able to concentrate and you will feel without energy all of the time.

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Shortness of breath: This can be a warning sigh especially when a little extra physical work leaves you out of breath.

Chest pain: Usually this kind of pain is overlooked and not paid any attention. However, it is important to recognize the pain because if it is in the center and it is gripping and severe you have to go to your doctor. This also goes if the pain is felt on both sides of the arms.

Obesity: This is also among the reasons for having heart issues. The bad choice for your diet in combination with lack of exercise is leading to obesity no matter the age. Despite heart disease, this may cause you high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

Anxiety: It is normal to have anxiety in certain situations however it should not go over control. Being troubled and anxious all of the time can bring no good to you, but only some health issues such as heart disease.

Dental plaque: Our mouth can tell a lot about our health. That is why you should have a good oral health. The warning signs are plague and bad breath. So, you have to pay attention to this especially in your 30s, go regularly to your dentist for a check.

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Warning signs of a heart disease that every young person should know.

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