Here’s What The Color Of Your Earwax Can Tell You About Your Health

When something is not the way it should be, our body usually finds a way to let us know. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not aware of the signs.

Our ear wax is one of those signs. Usually, we do not talk about it and never thought that it can tell us something with its color for instance.

However, if you pay attention to this you can find out a lot about your health. It is also very important not to use cotton swabs as Q tips and other objects that can cause harm to the canal.

You can use these only for the outer part of the ear. So, now let’s take a look and the colors and textures of the ear wax and their meaning.

Soft, sticky and yellow

This is the normal and usual condition of the ear wax. It lubricates our canal from getting itchy and dry.

White and dry

This is also a common thing when the body is not producing a lot of body odor; however, it also means a lack of vitamins, especially iron and copper.

Brown or black

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Usually, the ear wax gets darker as it stays longer in our ear. But if it is black or brown it means too much stress, so relax a little. If it is black it can be a fungal infection also.


Maybe you find this strange; however, it is normal because it only means that some dirt accumulated in the ear.


This may mean that your ear canal is damaged or an ear infection too. Go to the doctor.


It is normal if the flowing earwax from your ear is in a small amount, if not it may mean an issue with the inner ear or some kind of infection, so it is best to visit a doctor.

Foul smelling

This usually means some type of an ear infection or blockage in the ear.

So, it is normal to have a different color from time to time, however, if something seems strange to you, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.


Here's what the color of your earwax can tell you about your health.

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