Warning Signs Of A Stroke You Should Never Ignore

There are more than 100 000 women not older than 65 that have stoke every year. But not many of them, unfortunately, can recognize its symptoms.

According to Dr. Andrew Stemer, director of the stroke program at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital the best defense against this is to recognize its symptoms and react on time in order to prevent the permanent damage.

Below you can read 7 symptoms in women than should never be ignored:

1.Feeling numb or weak only on one side of the body

The most common symptom is suddenly not having any strength on one side of the body usually your arm and leg. The explanation for this is that one side of the brain has an effect on the opposite side of the body. So, if the right side of the brain is bleeding, the symptoms will be on the left side of the body.

2.You feel your face drooping on only one side

The brain again decides on which side the symptoms will be. If you are feeling that your face is drooping at the corner of your mouth and eye and you cannot control your face expressing then go to the emergency right away.

3.You find it hard to read or understand someone

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If you are having a stroke on the left side of the brain, which is responsible for language, then the symptom is aphasia which means having difficulty to read and write and understand someone’s speech. However, there is a difference when the word is stuck on the tip of your tongue, which is a situation that happened to everyone.

4.You have a slurred speech

This is another symptom but not that common called dyspraxia or when you are not able to control your speech muscles in order to make a clear speech.

5.Having very severe headache

When the brain is bleeding into itself then the severe headache can happen, but not like the other regular ones. This is the worst in your life or sometimes it comes out of nowhere.

6.Not able to see on one side

The situation is the same like having weakness on one side, the vision problems are also a symptom for stroke. However the difference is that you won’t be able to see with both of your eyes on one side only, for example you won’t be able to see to the left.

7. Having walking difficulty

You can face with dizziness or lack of coordination if experiencing a stroke. Also, if you are having weakness on one side, that is on one leg, you will have trouble while walking so don’t wait to visit the hospital.

Source: www.health24.com

These are the warning signs of a stroke you should never ignore.

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