These Nutrients May Help You Block Cancer Metastasis

Having a proper diet is really essential for preventing cancer and its factors for growing and metastasis. According to one research in USA 75-85% of the diagnosed cancers are due to unhealthy lifestyle factors which may be improved with making changes in your diet.

There are 8 very beneficial ingredients that you should include in your diet in order to prevent the spreading of cancer. Read about them below:

-Ursolic Acid:

This is a plant oil and phytonutrient. It is located in oregano, bilberries, holy basil and the skin of the apples. It is known that it is disrupting the activity of cancer because it destroys the mechanism that the cancer cells are reliant upon. By including the ursolic acid in your diet you will have lower risk for cancer on the area of pancreas, lung, skin, colon and breast.

-Vitamin D:

This vitamin is connected with the production of the cancer-fighting protein known as GcMAF which is inhibiting the cancer metastasis and it also can reverse its effects on our organism. By having an increased dose of Vitamin D in your diet you are affecting on the growth of tumours and risks factors connected to the prostate, breast and melanoma. It is suggested to expose yourself on the sun light every day if possible and improve your diet with salmon, eggs, mushrooms and fermented dairy.


This is the ingredient that makes the turmeric yellow in colour. It is a strong antioxidant that is helpful against issues with inflammation including the cancer. You can also find it in many medical products because it is blocking the production of TNF, preventing the growth of tumour.

You can include the spice more in your soups, teas or milk.

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TheEGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) is consisted in the green tea. In the Chinese medicine it was used for healing and improvement of the health. By consuming this compound the tumour growth will be suppressed. The EGCG actually binds with one receptor of protein known as 67LR and prevents the angiogenesis, also supporting the killing of the cancer cells.


This compound prevents the free radicals to form and also the tumor to grow. It is lowering the inflammation because it improves the natural detoxification paths of our body for eliminating the toxic materials, on this way strengthening our immunity as well.

It inhibits the activation of cancer cells, so that is why it is recommended in your diet. It is included in the broccoli and other vegetables including kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. They include a lot of healthy vitamins and nutrients beneficial for our general health.


It represents antioxidant, stimulating the natural body detoxification path and improving the natural anti-cancer characteristics.  It is beneficial for fighting against a breast, lung, colon cancer etc.

You can find it in the raspberries and blackberries, cocoa powder, onions, kale, apples and several herbs.


It is unhealthy for you to consume sugars, processed foods and conventional meat and dairy products because they can damage your health. You should consume the 8 ingredients that are mentioned above in order to lower the risk of cancer.


This is a natural way to help you block cancer metastasis.

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