These Are The Warning Signs That You’re Way Too Stressed

It is a good thing if you know how to manage your stress, especially because the stress is so high nowadays. Sometimes it can motivate you, however, too much exposure to stress can have bad consequences for your health such as anxiety, hypertension, depression, heart attacks, and even death.

So, you have to recognize if your stress level is too high and deal with it efficiently and positively.

It is important to know the stress symptoms

You should know how to recognize that your stress is too high. There are many people that are constantly facing with stress so they think that they get used to that, but that is not true. You cannot get used with stress, your body will react, so that is why you should recognize it before it causes you harm.

Below you can read some of the signs and symptoms of uncontrolled stress that you should not ignore.

Cognitive Symptoms

These are connected with our brain so if you level of stress is high you will have lower concentration, memory issues, negativity, anxiety, and poorer decision making.

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Emotional Symptoms

These are the symptoms connected to our feelings. Usually, the emotional changes are normal depending on the situation, however, due to stress, you will face a lot of mood swings, agitation, depression, and irritability.

Physical Symptoms

These are the symptoms from our body which are usually shown by pain and discomfort, so too much stress will cause you a lot of migraines and headaches, GI disturbances, back pain and troubles with sleeping.

The health issues that are caused by stress do not happen overnight. They develop every day so be careful to notices the warning that your body sends you before you have to face some bigger health problem.


Warning signs that you are way too stressed.

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