Best Gift Ideas That Cost Almost Nothing

This season of the year is one that brings a lot of presents when people are actually spending money on others buying some things, so we decided to give you some ideas, take a look…

1. Buy Presents Using Old Gift Cards

Some of us happen to have some old gift cards that they haven’t spend because they just don’t shop in those stores. However, you can easily find some presents for your friends in those shops and in that way, you won’t spend any of your money

2. Make Baked Goods

You can give a back of homemade cookies for most of your friends. Usually, they are very simple for making and you probably have all of the ingredients in your kitchen. Then wrap them beautifully in order for them to look modern and fancy.

3. Make Cookie “Mixes”

This is even easier than baking the cookies. You can make a mix for baked goods including flour, sugar, baking soda and flavouring into one jar and then wrap it nicely or decorate it.

You can do the same with peppermint hot chocolate mix and add sugar, candy cane and cocoa powder, decorate it with crafty things and the present is ready.

4. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper and Cards

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You can use brown paper bags, or so-called grocery bags in order to wrap your presents. You can decorate them with ribbons, stickers, color paper and other things you think as appropriate. You can also use a newspaper for wrapping.

Regarding the cards, you can download some from the internet or make some by yourself using markers, paper, and a thing you may find useful.

5. Make a Personal Photo Album

You can make yourself photo album for your friend. Collect the photos you like and use scrapbooking or construction paper. You can write a little message next to each to make it even cuter.

Tie the pages using ribbon or yarn. You may print the photos if you don’t have it otherwise, and although this gift doesn’t cost much, the effort is the one that counts. You can also do this is Powerpoint for example, for someone who is far away from you.

6. Get Your Craft On

If you are a crafty person then you are able to do things out of nowhere. You can make ornaments from scrap pieces of wood, renovate some old things by repainting or redecorating them, paint something on rocks, you can be really creative.

7. Give the Gift of Service

If you have some skill, then this can be helpful because you can make something for your friends. For example, you can offer to make some bookshelves, or paint something on the wall or help something with the household.

If you are good at cooking, make some free dinner, if you are a photographer; make some free photos of them, things like this can be really helpful and appreciated.


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