Fast Weight Loss Plan For Women

If you are wondering if it is really possible to lose 10 lbs in 7 days, the answer is yes, however, your diet and your body play an essential role.

Below you can read one plan for losing this weight for only 7 days:

Before Breakfast

Before you have your breakfast you should first drink one glass of water lemon. You only need to squeeze one lemon in a glass filled with cold water and consume it. Then, if you can, do not eat for around half an hour after drinking it in order for the drink to start functioning.

The water enables you detoxification, cleaning all the toxins out of you.


It is recommended to take some fruits because the sugars included in it will be distributed all over the body, so there will not be any excess sugar left. You can include some nuts in this breakfast and you will get the protein you need because the proteins are really important in the process of losing some weight.


Your lunch should include proteins the most. Our body is using the protein as energy, but because it is burning off faster, after the protein it starts burning our fat as energy.

It is suggested to avoid bread because it includes carbs, and they are responsible for the production of fat in our body.

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You can also include some vegetables in your meal because in it the healthy carbs are found.


A lot of people like to have a snack in the afternoon. However, the first thing that comes into your mind when thinking on snacks is candy or chips. These are forbidden if you are on a diet.

As a snack you can consume spinach salad seasoned with olive oil instead.


This is the last meal so that is why you should consume it 2-3 hours before going to sleep. If you eat and then go to bed directly your body will retain the most of what you ate.

You should also have a light dinner, for example, you can make 2 boiled eggs and a green salad, this includes proteins and minerals that are beneficial for you.

However, because you will eat early, you may have cravings for snacks before going to bed. You have to be strong and don’t give up. The diet is only for a week so be persistent.


It is not easy to lose weight for a period of only one week, so you have to be very persistent and do your best to achieve this goal. You have to be strong and do not break on the cravings.

You also have to be careful after this one week passes because if you return on your bad habits you will gain your weight back and all of this would be for nothing. You have to keep your focus and the results will come.


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