The Strongest Natural Painkiller Is Probably Growing In Your Backyard

If you have a backyard with some plants then maybe you have come across one that is functioning as a painkiller, similar to the morphine, without being aware of it.

However, the thing is that The Big Pharma is not letting people know about this because a lot of people are using drugs that you can find in their pharmacies to deal with some pains and injuries as well.

The strongest natural painkiller you may try

The natural painkiller plant we are talking about is the wild lettuce. Its medical properties have been known for ages as it was known as “poor man’s Opium.

The strongest natural painkiller
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It is beneficial for fighting against headache, anxiety, joint and muscle pain. There are many cases that prove this healing ability of the wild lettuce staring from muscle and joint pain to whooping cough.

How did they use this painkiller

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These people were using it by consuming 18 grains to 3 drachms of extract for a period of 24 h. According to the researches it is also used for treating insomnia.

However, this does not mean that you should not be careful with this and with any other medicine as well. You should first try it slowly in order to see how your body will react because it is known that many painkillers have side effects, so maybe the wild lettuce will be the solution in such cases because it is all natural.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the Big Pharma is not making money from something that is so easy to find and use, they are making money from the pills and the addictions that they are causing.

You should think about your health and start using natural medications instead of using medications right away. Sometimes it is enough to search on the internet and find a good natural solution for your health issue.


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