Things You Need To Stop Emotional Eating And Lose Weight

Emotional eating is a common situation. However, you need to do something about it, first of all, because of your health. Follow the steps below, many people find them helpful.

Read what may help you stop emotional eating:

1.When you feel hungry start to eat

Usually, you deny from your food in many situations and don’t eat at all. Your body requires energy and the food cannot be replaced with anything. You can ignore the signal for food, but it will come again and won’t stop.

That is why it is best to eat balanced food and choose what you are eating.

2.Be present

You have to be present when you are eating. When you eat and drive or watch TV or play a game you are ignoring the food that you consume and you are not aware of that. You get distracted of what you eat and how you eat it and how you feel about your body.

That is why mindful eating is important, to pay attention to the taste, colors, aroma etc.

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3.Identify your feelings

You should calm your anxiety before eating and not eat in order to calm your anxiety. This is really complicated so do your best to calm down by making some exercise, yoga, deep breaths etc. Your food is waiting for you so take your time.

Having worries and stress are the main reasons for emotional eating, so your brain gets stimulated by the consummation of food.

4.Leave morality out of food selection

You should not judge your food, accept what you are eating because it gives you pleasure. Sometimes you eat only for having fuel, thinking about what you will eat later and enjoy, sometimes we eat from pleasure like for example birthday cakes. That makes the moment important. The moral value of the food is the same, the nutritional is not.

5.Seek connection

The emotional eating can connect you with some people, memory or feeling. It leads you to the thing you want to experience. However not in the way you want and need. So you need to be aware of this in order to move on from your food obsession.

So, these 5 things will help you with your emotional eating more than any diet possible. The power is inside you, so be strong to struggle with it.


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