Here’s What To Eat Before And After Workout To Lose Weight Faster

Having a proper diet is very important if you are working out as well. You will exercise only 1-2 hours, however, the diet regime is what you eat the whole day so it is important to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks between.

It is essential not to starve yourself. If your body is not getting the necessary ingredients then it will stop burning fats.

That is why it is recommended to eat before you exercise, it will provide the muscles with energy and it will reduce hunger. You should also eat after a workout and also consume a lot of water in order to replace the glycogen that you have lost while working.

Pre-workout food

It is very important to know what to eat before workout in order to have enough energy to finish it successfully. Before you go to a workout you should consume food that includes carbs and it is easily digested.

When you are getting close to the time of your workout you should consume fewer calories and no protein or fat. This is because our body needs time to digest these things, maybe around 3-4 hours.

So avoid eating French fries for example before exercising because the blood will also rush in your stomach for digestion and in you exercising muscles as well.

What you can consume?

Bananas and apples are great for having more energy. The bananas are rich in potassium which is helpful for having proper functioning of the nerves and muscles.

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It is also suggested to consume oats because they include fiber, so the carbohydrates they include are slowly released in your organism making you have energy while you are working out.

You can consume cereals, unsalted nuts, yogurt and fruits, smoothies, and sweet potato.

Post workout food:

This meal is really important because it should provide you with the necessary things to recover from the working out.

After your exercise, the metabolism is working faster and can take a lot more nutrients and not turn them in fat. The first thing to do is replace the fluid that you have lost so drink water.

Then you should consume protein and carbs which will increase the glycogen and protein synthesis.

One thing that is recommended for consuming after a workout is yogurt, chobani strawberry Greek yogurt with 20 g carbs and 14 g protein which is very easy for digesting.

If you don’t eat before and after your workout you will be very fatigued. I order to recover your body faster you should also consume a recommended dose of vitamins and minerals.

If you are not eating before and exercising for a longer period you will limit your ability for burning calories, while if you don’t eat after you exercise your muscles won’t recover.

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What to eat before workout and after workout to lose weight

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