This Is How To Use Frozen Lemons For Cancer And Type 2 Diabetes

The lemon is already very well known and used in many fields because of the benefits it provides. There are also many homemade remedies that contain lemon and are really efficient due to its nutrients and antioxidants.

Here, we will talk about how to use frozen lemons for cancer and type 2 diabetes.

It is also known for its detoxification characteristics. It improves our immune system and fights against free radicals so it is good for fighting against diseases.

The lemons include antibiotic and antiviral properties so they can slow down the effects of the microorganisms and prevent further infections.

According to the studies it is also good for fighting against hypertension, nervous issues and worms and parasites, and at the latest, it is also used for treating some forms of cancer.

Frozen lemons for cancer- the method:

The lemon extract

The extract from the lemon can destroy the cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones. It includes alkaline characteristics which are preventing the development of cancer.

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This is happening due to the chemicals limonoids that are included in the lemon.  They are found to be effective against these kinds of cancer: Pancreatic cancer, Liver cancer, colorectal cancer, Prostate cancer, Lucemia and Neuroblastoma.


Take a look at the technique

For preparing the extract you will need 2 frozen grated lemons. Wash the lemon well by using baking soda or apple cider vinegar. Then put it in the fridge to get frozen and hard and then grate it to get the frozen pulp and the powder from the peel.

You can use the powder in meals and drinks. The lemon juice itself is also beneficial, but this frozen lemon extract is beneficial for fighting against cancer. The reason is that the antioxidants and limonoids are found on the skin of the peel.

One lemon includes citrus pectin, limonene, vitamin C and flavonol glycosides, which are all beneficial for fighting cancer.

It is recommended to consume at least 150 gr of lemon once during one week.


How to use frozen lemons for cancer

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