Here’s What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

If you want to know more about your health and the condition of your body, then the tongue can tell a lot about that, you just have to stand out your tongue and look in the mirror. It should be pink with little knobs (papillae) on it.

Every other condition is not right and maybe concerning. So, examine your tongue and notice if there are some of the following signs.

What your tongue says about your health


These kinds of splits are usually at the back and on the inside of your tongue and can mean a broken gut or malfunction of the intestines, hypersensitivities, or nourishment sensitivities.

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The tongue has mucous on it all of the time but if it gets yellow or white or thick or oily then that may be a sign for poisons in the guts. It may also be an indication for problems with the digestive system or troubles with the colon.

-Dark color or black fuzz

If you notice dark hairs on the tongue then you will probably be really concerned, but it is not concerning at all. Usually, this happens as a result of smoking, drinking espresso and dim teas or also because of lack of dental cleanliness. You can fix this with brushing the tongue or use a scrubber.

– Teeth Impressions on the Sides of the Tongue

This may be a sign for lack of minerals on not processing them good. The splits and teeth engraves may be an indication for having a problem in the digestive tract.

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– Persevering red injuries

This may mean tongue disease but first, be sure that it is not an infection of some kind. It is important to discover the reason for this problem.

Having a clean tongue means taking care of the inside organs as well. You have to scrub or rub the tongue at least once a day. This will enable detoxification of all of your organs.

So, it is really important to take a look at your tongue and notice if there are some changes in order to avoid any possible further problems that may require medical help.

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What your tongue says about your health

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