Woman Starts Dating A Man She Married Before Losing Her Memory In An Accident

Laura and Brayden Faganello are one couple that has a story behind them. They may seem like an ordinary couple that got engaged however they are a proof that some people are just meant for each other no matter what happens.

They met in 2016 and fell in love. However, after 3 years Laura did not have any idea who Brayden was. They married the same year they met, however after 9 months of being happy, a tragedy happened.

So, this is Laura memory of that day:

-One company for arranging wedding hired me to help arrange one event. We were outside and decorating the big tent, however, the company was late and the tent walls were not set up. It was really windy that day and everything was a mess just flying around.

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So, because everything was late there weren’t any safety measures. I was decorating the tables when I suddenly heard a girl in front of me gasping. I looked up and then felt something on my head. One large pole was dislocated and fell right on my head…and then everything went fuzzy…

Then she woke up, but with terrible consequences…she couldn’t remember anything of what happened and her last memory was she being 17 year old. So she didn’t even remember how she fell in love and married Brayden.

-Before this accident happened I had only one year left to finish my university. But then I couldn’t read well, struggled to write and even speak, and my short term memory was damaged so I forgot what I was reading for a very short time.

So I had to leave the school. However, the worst part was the memory loss. I had no idea who my husband was and I would find myself screaming when I woke up. So it was like living with a complete stranger.

But Laura didn’t give up and decided to try and see what happens with her marriage.

This wasn’t easy for Brayden too because he had a wife that depended on him totally however didn’t even know him. He cried so many nights but then decided to change that. He tried to be more gentle and open and loving to his wife.

They were going on drives and talking about different things for hours. They laughed together and had a really good time.

So, then Laura decided to put away the ring and date with him, as they did in the beginning. She didn’t feel in love yet but she really liked him. So soon she was missing him when he was not around and they acted like teenagers that are in love.

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So, it took 2 full years for Laura to recover and she didn’t give up. She fell in love with the same man again and made new memories with him. It was worth it- says Laura.

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