Healthy Living Tips, The Formula For Long Life

David Agus is the one who helped Steve Jobs to live longer. So, now he has some advice for all of us. If you do some things than it is certain that you can live up to 100 as some people do.

Here are Dr. David Agus healthy living tips

  1. Change your caffeine habit. You should consume caffeine in moderate amount coming from only natural sources such as the tea leaf or coffee. In this way, their effect will be positive.
  2. Smile more often. It helps you to release the pain-killing, brain-happy endorphins and serotonin.
  3. Have a 50 per­cent increasement in your heart rate for a minimum of 15 minutes each day.
  4. It is nice to measure yourself, for example, you can use some king of application for doing this.
  5. It is suggested to consume more than 3 servings of cold-water fish for a period of one week.
  6. You can drink one glass of wine during your dinner.
  7. If you are exhausted you can allow yourself some statins.
  8. You can also take a baby aspirin; as long as the dose is small it is only beneficial for preventing heart attack and for lowering the risk of cancer.
  9. The most important meal of the day is breakfast, do not skip it.
  10. It is also suggested to have proper hygiene—in bed and out.
  11. It is suggested to avoid heals and also other kinds of uncomfortable shoes. They should always make you feel comfortable.
  12. Pet an animal, especially a dog; they make you have some regular routines for them.
  13. Avoid taking supplements and vitamins because mostly they are not beneficial, on the contrary, they only increase the mortality.
  14. Eat healthy food, not junk food.
  15. Try not to consume that much of juices. Do you think that your body wants to consume 10 carrots all at once? Also, the juices for detoxification are not suggested.
  16. Always try to stay positive.
  17. Do not put yourself too long on the sun and avoid sunburns.
  18. Avoid any kind of x-ray scanners and airport backscatter x-ray scanners. The science has yet not proved that they are perfectly safe.


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Healthy living tips

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