Japanese Weight Loss Drink To Burn Body Fat Fast

Today I decided to share one amazing japanese weight loss drink that helps burn body fat fast. This tea will instantly burn your belly fat, which is the most problematic area to solve.

I will tell you about the matcha, your green tea, which is the most beneficial tea for losing some weight and melting your belly. This Matcha green tea represents a Japanese green tea that is being harvested in a specialized way and stone-ground to a fine powder.

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So the most beneficial thing for this tea is that it helps with weight loss. We all already know the benefits of consuming the green tea, among which is also losing weight, however for comparison, only one  cup of matcha tea is equal to 10 cups of regular green tea. This mean that by consuming the matcha green tea your belly fat will lower 25 times more than with regular green tea.

The reason for this is that matcha tea includes 200 times more EGCG than the regular green tea. It has 137 times more antioxidants and chlorophylls as well. The component EGCG is responsible for increasing the metabolism and preventing the fat cells from growing.

Matcha tea is affecting the abdominal fat because of this active ingredient EGCG. You will also have lower appetite and won’t feel bloated. It is beneficial for the water retention and for having better digestion.

What actually the Matcha tea is, is grounded green tea leaves so that is the thing you are consuming. When you are drinking the regular green tea, you are keeping the leaves and then discarding them, while in this case, because they are made in powder, you are consuming them all which makes this tea more beneficial than the regular green tea.

By comparing it to other tea or coffee you will see that the Matcha green tea has zero calories. Furthermore, it is also excellent for early in the morning because it includes caffeine which is very needed for the morning in order to give you energy for the day.

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So, for losing some belly weight it is suggested to consume this tea 2 to 3 times each day, however, be careful not to drink it after 3 o’clock in the afternoon because you may have a trouble to fall asleep because of the caffeine.

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