Dog in Roscommon Found Tied to a Gate Trying to Nurse Six Newborn Puppies

It is not known for how much time this dog was left in the field. This is a case of a dog that was found chained to a fence in Roscommon when it was trying to take care of its six puppies.

One man found it in the field near Elphin, together with her six baby puppies, however, the dog was chained. This is one of the dog stories you should read.

All of these little dogs were taken to the ISPCA national animal center in Longford and fortunately, their health was in good shape, they were only very hungry and cold.

The dog got her name and it was Emma Lou, while her baby dogs are now Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June and Patsy.

According to the ISPCA center manager Hugh O’Toole, the man that left her chained and her baby dogs as well on that rainy and cold weather put their lives at risk.

“I cannot understand why someone would do something like this. If we have not found them, then I’m afraid the result would have been very sad. I’m happy that we could help in this case”.

O’Toole also advised the pet owners to make sure that their pet animals are always neutered and spayed against litters, and also to microchip them so that they can trace their owner in a case of need because of this dog they couldn’t do that.

“Furthermore, our centers for animal care are always running out of free space and they have limitations in the resources used, so there are times when we are using private boarding kennels to help some animals while waiting for a free space to emerge“.

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“It is also very difficult to find the right people that will take good care of the animals we have in the shelters “. This is one of the saddest dog stories.

So for now, Emma Lou and her puppies will stay in ISPCA until New Year, and after that they will be old enough to go to another home.


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